I quit.

I quit my job.  I was an Associate Professor in Kinesiology at The Pennsylvania State University and I quit my job.  I was teaching courses that I loved; a core science, Neural Control of Movement, and an applied practicum, Group Fitness Exercise Prescription.  I was researching topics that I cared about: high intensity interval training, the prevention of overreaching, and exercise adherence.  Despite all that, after 12 years of instructing undergraduates and writing journal articles, I believed I could have more of an impact outside of academia, so I quit my job.

I quit my job three months ago and moved to New York City.  Harlem to be exact… and I love it here!  If you are familiar with the town of State College, there are few places less similar than my recent two residences.  I relocated to what I imagined to be the fitness capital of the world with the hope to build my own brand and bridge the gap between collected data and fitness fiction.

I quit my job and my family, friends, and acquaintances have been incredibly supportive.  It was a risky decision and I am not sure my plan will succeed… but it was not as crazy as it could be for a couple reasons.  I am single.  I do not have children.  Maybe meeting a guy and being a step mom is in my future?!?!  Regardless, the point is that making a life change this drastic was absolutely more feasible without dependents.

I quit my job at the university to move to a big city and as a result had to leave the thing I am most proud of to date… FITOLOGY… a Les Mills group fitness and cycling studio.  Eight years ago, I had another bizarre idea; open an exercise facility with no business experience or personal savings.  For some reason, a few incredibly strong women supported the dream with financial as well as psychosocial support for it to become a reality.  I fully appreciate the unique environment we created with a premiere product, elite instructors, and motivated members.  One thing I did not appreciate immediately was how much the community cared about quality training.  They continually inquired about how to maximize their fitness potential with programming and nutrition questions.  Witnessing these individuals improve their quality of life by making educated decisions drove me to attempt this dialogue on a larger scale.

I quit my job, so what can you expect from me now?  I am going to write a weekly blog with a focus on using science to support or refute hot topics in exercise and eating.  I am going to be a monthly guest on the Chase Your Better Podcast.  I am going to try posting regular material on Facebook and Instagram (even though I am not a fan of social media).  I am going to continue performing research studies with Les Mills International.  I am going to instruct fitness classes at Exceed and New York Sports Club.  I am going to pursue all opportunities to communicate with as many people as possible.

I am not going to quit talking about the benefits of smart training.  I am not going to quit using exclamation points in every email.  I am not going to quit telling you what works even if you want something faster and easier.

I hope you will follow me. I hope you will hire me if you want consulting, programming, or healthy-lifestyle help. And I really hope you will ask me questions!

Thank you for reading!

Jinger (with a “J”)


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  1. Great story Jinger. Keep at it lady!! I am now a certified life and weight coach so I look forward to your insights.

      • I’m so proud of you, Jinger! Seriously! So darn courageous! I know it will pay off for you! Miss you in State College (as I am sure you hear all of the time). Really looking forward to your posts and following your journey! ❤️

        • Thank you Melody! Boy do I miss your motivating presence in BODYPUMP!!! I will be back soon and hope to see you.

    • Jinger, you are a true professional dedicated to fitness. Your knowledge and instruction of exercise and living a healthy lifestyle are greatly appreciated. Good luck in NYC and we know you will do well!! Look forward to reading your blog.

      • Bill! I cannot thank you enough for your support and energy inside and outside of the studio. L-O-V-E you and Kim!

        • Continue to change the world, Jinger!! We are so proud of you!!!! We miss you every single darn day!!!!! ❤️

          • Kevin! You change the world each time you teach! Seriously an experience I wish that everyone could complete!

    • Jinger you influenced so many people in State college! My fitness journey is better because of you thank you!

      • Marcia! You are the perfect example of why FITOLOGY is such a special place… strong, motivated, and positive people. Miss you! Jinger

    • What can I say but all the best for you in this new adventure Jinger? I feel lucky that I was part of your studies and of the Fitology journey, I have never again encountered the same energy and motivation that the State College group had. Big shout out from sunny Texas!

      • Thank you Ingrid! You are one reason why I am here… the Get Fit Together study changed my entire research career. Thank you for all your help and support. Jinger

    • Jinger! Oh how I miss you! All your encouraging words of wisdom, and great knowledge of fitness and the science behind it. I’m blessed to have known you and am in awe of your strength. I’m so happy you are happy! I can’t wait to read your blog and hear your message! Keep up the amazing work! When your rich and more famous I’ll say I knew you when….
      Love you friend!

      • JOY!!! Oh how I miss you too! Nothing compares to FITOLOGY because of the amazing people like YOU!!!

    • So nice to get an update from you Jinger! We still
      miss you in State College. I will look forward to following your new professional adventures.

      • Hi Joyce! I miss you tons and really appreciate your continued support. Jinger

  2. So proud of you! As someone who is part of academia (starting but still part) and who thinks she knows what it means to become a professor and wants to, I recognize that quitting said job is a HUGE decision and most importantly an incredibly BRAVE decision. Also, as someone whose life you changed with Fitology and who loves taking classes with you and hearing you talk about science and fitness, I can’t wait to see what comes next. Congratulations!!

    • Thank you Loren! That means a TON coming from you… a fit, intelligent, critical thinker. I really appreciate the shout out.

    • Haha! Not even close! You and your family are the example of living life with a positive attitude… making the most of each day. Miss you guys! Jinger

  3. I am lucky that I love my job after working in dentistry for 26 years in the UK military.

    Lucky that I get to interact and too have positive impacts on people’s lives and links with the ‘Why’ that Kylie Gates has talked about.

    Link what you live with your Why and you will feel fulfilled and happy it’s worked for me anyways.

    Keeping doing the studies because I love talking to and showing them to clients when I talk about the Les Mills product.

    Being involved in fitness is by far the best job ever

    • Such great advice!!!
      I want everyone to know how uncommon it is for a fitness company to invest so much time, energy, effort, and funding into research. Les Mills is one of a kind. Really proud to be a part of the community with you.

  4. Courage, determination, authenticity… with the consistency of your intelligence all across. Congrats on your choice. Let us know how us, your community, can serve you (comfort, testing guinea-pigs, and audience for your sharing, and anything else).

    Much love and respect to and for you

    • Right back at you Alex! The community you continually foster in the Les Mills tribe is amazing!!!
      You are such a role model for positive energy… thank you for your kind words. Jinger

  5. What an inspiring, we’ll written post! Thank you for being brave enough to share your journey. I’ll follow you for sure!! Go girl, go!!

    • Thank you Christine! I am super excited and appreciate your positive support!

  6. Thank you so much for sharing! I am so excited to continue learning from you. Best of luck with your new journey ahead!!!

    • YAY!!! I appreciate the support Courtney! Please let me know if there are any topics you would like discussed- Thank you! Jinger

  7. I cannot wait to see what you do next! I think you are so inspiring so I am excited to cheer you on.

    • Thank you Rachael! That is a total compliment coming from you… I could not have been more impressed with your thoughtful presentations and outstanding leadership at the tribal gatherings this past summer. I hope all is going well this fall! Jinger

  8. This is awesome Jinger!! I miss you and wish you nothing but the best!

    And, I want to thank you again so much for opening Fitology here!!

    It has been a great place for me to remain motivated & fit.

    It is my daily therapy!!


    • Thank you Ann for your constant support AND study participation! It is members like you that make FITOLOGY so stong! Jinger

  9. Wow, thank you Jinger – quite a resume of great accomplishments and so much more to come!

    • HI Marilyn! None of my accomplishments were completed without an amazing team. I am super lucky to be a part of such a motivating fitness community and knowledgeable academic mentors! Jinger

  10. I have known this incredible lady for about eleven years when she started teaching Les Mills classes in State College. My husband and I joined Fitology when it opened, which Jinger quickly made it a community you wanted to be if. Jinger has a unique way of pulling more out of you than you ever believed you could accomplish and look forward to doing it even better next time. You looked forward to going to the Studio and taking her classes. New York if you have the chance to take one of Jinger’s classes jump at it…you leave looking forward to your next. You’ll not regret it!

    As far as her Blog, she is very knowledgeable, always takes the time to offer advice when ask and she practices what she preaches. I have great respect for this lady.
    State College’s lose is New York’s gain. Jinger you will definitely be a success!!

    • KIM! Now I have tears in my eyes! FITOLOGY would literally not look or feel the same without you and Bill. I will never forget all your help, support, and love to build the community that still thrives! Thank goodness we are only a drive away from each other. Miss you tons! Jinger

  11. Congratulations on all the progress. I enjoyed every Course you taught in Fitology. Thank you and good luck.

  12. Hey Jinger—I will be so excited to see what topics you cover here…and use ALL THE EXCLAMATION POINTS!!! I miss you and your presence greatly at the studio, but know that I wouldn’t have accomplished much if it were not for your support and encouragement. Quitting and packing up to leave for the unknown was a huge thing to do, but i guess you were heeding your very own advice to “be brave”..I love listening to the podcast and have honestly learned something new each time. Forever thankful to be an exercise study guinea pig and always eager to learn from those experiences!! Keep being awesome! And if things get frustrating, remember the 3rd and final quarter will be waiting for you!!

    • The third and final quarter is the most challenging! HAHA!
      There are so many times when teaching PUMP that I think of you. I absolutely miss your positive energy.
      Please remember to pick up your junk!

    • Hi Jinger,
      It was wonderful to read this and be inspired by your brave choice to make this change. You were so welcoming when I first started at Fitology and have been both supportive and inspirational ever since. The classes and people there have changed my life. Fitology and everyone who is part of it will surely miss you; but you will always be part of it. Thanks for all the wisdom you’ve shared—I look forward to reading more of it on your blog! I wish you all the best in your new adventures.

      All my best,

  13. Jinger, you have changed so many lives through Fitology! Thank you so much for your constant encouragement, direction, support, and positive attitude. I have such a healthy relationship with exercise now because of my experience at the FABULOUS community you created. Can’t wait to hear more from you and hopefully see you at Fitology soon! 🙂

    • Thank you Meghan! I will absolutely be back soon and hope to see you.
      Your positive, motivating attitude is exactly why FITOLOGY is special.

  14. I MISS YOU! You are an inspiration, a bottomless source of knowledge, and a selfless supporter of us all! Best of luck and when will you be home next?

    • I miss you too Kate! Your positive energy makes the instructor job a total pleasure!
      I will be back in late October or early November for sure!

  15. I am shocked!! So glad you’re still doing research for LMI as scientific bases for exercise is one the most important reasons we selected LM programs for our facilities. I look forward to your BLOG and wish you the BEST of LUCK in this new adventure!


    • Thank you Amy! I want everyone to know that Les Mills is unique in their commitment to exercise science and education. Super cool that is a reason for your program selection. Honestly, no other product has the same quality! Jinger

  16. JINGE!!!! You once shared a cute little anecdote from one of your nieces when she was younger-she described you as ‘”always a ray of sunshine” and she was 100% correct! Aside from your exhaustive knowledge about everything fitness, you are one of the most positive people I’ve ever known (and we’ve shared some less than positive experiences). I’ve been listening to you on the podcast-I love when I get to hear your belly laugh-always makes me smile. NYC is lucky to have you!!!! Miss you!!!! Love you!!!!

    • Sandy!!! I could not adore you more… just the thought of you makes me smile. No matter what the distance, I will always feel close to you! Thank for for keeping the dream alive at FITOLOGY! Miss and love you tons!

  17. Thanks for sharing, Jinger! I was feeling a little like I got ghosted. ;). Kidding. I’m happy for you and grateful that you brought Fitology to State College. I’m all about empowerment and Fitology has got it going on. (#CombatAllDay) I’ve got a little side biz as a health coach so I look forward to following your blog and staying connected.

  18. Jinger,

    I really am so proud of you. It takes a lot of courage to step out of what we’re comfortable with, what we’re familiar with, even…what has been productive before, to see ultimately that we can be more productive and better utilized elsewhere. May God be with you 🙏

    • Thank you for the heart felt message Michael. I hope you are enjoying the fall with your sweet boys! Jinger

    • Thank you Lisa! I know you continue to dominate the softball coaching scene! Go for it!

  19. I’m just so certain you’ll keep on doing great things, that I’m just going to say:

    I love you with all my heart!

  20. You already know how I feel about this. Let’s continue our relationship with research,development and inspiration!

  21. So needed to read and re-read this! You’ve always been a source of inspiration and intelligent conversation. It’s always been a genuine pleasure to learn from you! I can’t wait to see what the future brings for you, and I have no doubt you will continue to make ripples in the world and challenge people to expand their minds and become better! PLus…you live nearer to me!!

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