Triceps pushups elicit the greatest activity for all three heads compared to any other exercise with over 90% of the fibers recruited. This is a fancy way of saying, triceps pushups are flipping hard!
EPOC stands for excess post-exercise oxygen consumption and is commonly referred to as exercise afterburn. The typical reference during a fitness session is to inform you that you will be burning extra calories due to exercise for hours after you stop!
More often than not, we discuss how to encourage a regular exercise routine of any intensity as the majority of the global population is not active. Yet, the less common scenarios of too much activity or too much intensity, without proper recovery, lead to a buildup of stress that can become harmful.
Numerous reviews with a focus on HIIT have demonstrated superior outcomes for body composition, metabolic disease risk and cardiorespiratory fitness in various clinical populations. In short, REAL, above 90% heart rate max, lungs exploding, legs falling off, feeling like death training can change your fitness level in a short period of time.
I quit my job. I was an Associate Professor at Penn State and I quit my job. After 12 years of instructing undergraduates and writing journal articles, I believed I could have more of an impact outside of academia, so I quit my job.
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